MOTOZ Tracula Tyre – ADB Feb 2009

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

This tyre has really been put through I the wringer – it has been subjected to punishing rides on terrain ranging from rocky hardpack through to slippery clay and mud – but it has stood up to the test admirably Motoz tyres are renowned for high durability in the toughest of conditions but unfortunately when the heavens opened up and the going got muddy they were like riding on slicks. Well,I can testify these new hoops retain the durability but now possess excellent traction and feel in wet, slippery conditions thanks to a new rubber compound and aggressive tread pattern.

Grip: There is a high level of grip transmitted through this tyre, which builds rider confidence from the get-go. The Tracula handled a variety of terrain well with no unnerving moments or deflections
Wear: The unique tread pattern seems to have increased the life of the edges of the knobs, giving you a higher grip level for a longer period of time which really amounts to value for money.
Knob Durability: At this point there seems to be no problems with tearing or shredding from the carcass of the tyre, even after riding for 30km on a flat front tyre it didn’t disintegrate and even took a pounding over rocks without coming off the rim…tough!

Directional: Being a directional tyre they are designed to give maximum grip levels in the one direction, which is likely to disadvantage the average rider who rotates his tyres to get the best value for money from his rubber. So far we haven’t rotated this tyre to see how it performs in the reverse direction. We’ll let you know how it goes when we do.

A new rubber composite is being used in these tyres resulting in a lighter more agile tyre that transmits a light and balanced feel through the steering – even in the wet.
By: Crowley