Tyre infomation

What is the difference between Tube Type (TT) and Tubless (TL) Motoz tyres?

Generally, Tube Type (TT) tyres are designed for smaller capacity bikes. Single cylinder adventure bikes or alike, e.g: KTM 690 Enduro.

Generally, Tubeless (TL) tyres are designed for larger capacity bikes. Multi-cylinder, high horsepower bikes, e.g. KTM1290 Adventure or Honda Africa Twin.


TADR – 90/90-21 TT is designed for a 1.60 x 21 or 1.85 x 21 inch rim

TADR – 140/80-18 TT is designed for a 2.15 x 18 inch rim

TADQ – 90/90-21 TL is designed for a 2.15 x 21 or 2.50 x 21 inch rim

TADQ – 140/80-18 TL is designed for a 3.50 x 18 inch rim

Please ensure you purchase the correct tyres for your motorcycle.

What is the DOT tyre pressure marking on the sidewall?

The DOT tyre pressure marking on the sidewall indicates the minimum psi. It is the mandatory DOT marking for load rating (For example, if the sidewall is marked with 33psi, then 33psi is the MINIMUM pressure to achieve the load rating in the DOT marking and not the ideal psi recommended).

Please run pressures recommended in your vehicle owner’s manual.

What is the advice on tyre matching (tyre mixing)?

As of 2021, all Motoz tubeless construction tyres are compatible with all other Motoz tubeless construction tyres in the range. For example, if you ride a KTM1290, you could use a Motoz Tractionator Rallz front and a Motoz Tractionator Adventure rear. Motoz Tube Type tyres are compatible with all other Motoz Tube Type tyres.

Please note, fit only the correct fitment tyres to your motorcycle.

What tyres fit my bike?

Refer to the tyre fitment search on the homepage.

I would like some information matching tyre size to rim size

Rims are not only sized by diameter, but also by the width of the rim. Always ensure you match your tyres to the rim sizes on your motorcycle. See specs and technical info on each product page for recommended and permissible rim sizes.

What is the advice on mounting according to rotation?

Always mount tyres in the correct direction of rotation. If a tyre is directional, it will be displayed on the sidewall and sometimes indicated on the tyre tread.

What are Tyre Ratings?

Motoz Tyres are designed for specific use. We outline tyre use according to a road/off-road percentage. For example, Motoz Tractionator Rallz is designed to spend 20% of its life on road and 80% of its life off-road.

What does M+S and MST tyre marking mean?

E.T.R.T.O (European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation) is responsible for making the appropriate recommendations for technical aspects of tyres, rims and valves as far as fitting and use are concerned for road safety. With this in place, markings on tyres are visible to ensure the correct usage.

M+S (Mud and Snow) refers to tyres specifically designed for mud and snow (winter) and MST (Multi Service Tyres) refers to motorcycle tyres designed for special service having a wider tread than equivalent sizes with the same tyre designation. Usually found on Enduro or Motocross tyres.

Can you use different sizes to the OEM tyre fitment?

In some instances, you can, please check with your Motorcycle Manufacturers Instruction Manual.

Eg. In the case of off-road/trail or motocross bikes with a 1.60-inch wide rim, it is possible to replace the original OEM fitment 80/100-21 front tire with alternative sizes such as 90/90-21 and 90/100-21.

Care & maintenance

What is the recommended PSI pressure for my tyres?

Refer to the manufacturers owners manual. Tyre pressures are usually set by the motorcycle manufacturer and not the tyre manufacturer.

Can you mix new and used tyres together?

You can use new tyres with used tyres. For example, if you wear through the useable tread on the rear of the motorcycle before the front tyre wears out, you can fit a new rear tyre without fitting a new front tyre and vice versa.

What is the recommendation for fitting/mounting tyres?

We recommend you have your tyres fitted by a qualified tyre fitter.

What is the advice on storage or/and maintenance of tyres?

Keep tyres inflated to correct pressures, even during storage.

Can Motoz tyres be regrooved without any issue?

We DO NOT recommend regrooving Motoz tyres.


What is the warranty process?

You need to go back through the retailer who you purchased your product through. They will assess your warranty claim.


How do I find my closest dealer?

Contact your local distributor to find your closest dealer or visit the Where to Buy page.

How do I become a Motoz dealer/reseller?

Contact your local distributor/retailer.

How do I become a Motoz distributor?

Please fill out our contact us form – Wholesale enquiries on the contact page.

How can I become an ambassador/sponsored by the brand?

Please fill out our Ambassador enquiries form to send us your proposal. Beware that minimum requirements need to be met in order to be considered.

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