MotoZ tires 200 mile report… –

Monday, November 10th, 2008

Written by: Motosportz,

(For full disclosure I must say I sell these so take that for what it is.)

I have had these on for 200+ miles now. The cool thing is I got to ride them in very different conditions so far. I first started with a 24 hr race which was a mix of new grass track, old silt and rock on baked clay race course, and new tilled desert loam. Then the next 2 weekends were moist forest single track and then drenched forest single track with rain.


Bike – 08 TXC450

Tires – Motos Tractionator X Circuit 21 – 140/18

Terrain used in – High dez grass, rocks baked clay , deep silt. Clay based forest soil, rocks, moist leaf covered pine needle trails, hard slick clay. Rain, mud.


So far they are showing hardly any wear. The edges are starting the round a little and there are a few shallow rock slices. Some of the stuff we ride is volcanic mountain areas and jagged rocks are everywhere. I have been anything but nice to the tire and hammer is relentlessly on purpose. I want to know how it is going to last. So far very good.

Straight line traction:

Very good. One of the aspects of the rear tire is how well it stays centered under power and down not want to wander side to side. Very confidence inspiring and allows you to put more power down then you might think wise. On slick uphills it has overall less traction than a new trials tire but not a lot less. Very good on hill climbs and in pretty muck all type of condition i have encountered.


Very predictable. This tire just drifts out exactly like you would think it would and never gets to far out. I really like this aspect of this tire. The rear tire drifts perfectly. The Front is very good as well and very predictable. In very slick NW mud I was smiling all day and just really enjoying myself. They really work well with my TXC and complement it fully.

Braking power:

Amazing. Super stopping power and control.

200 mile grade:

Love them. Super predictable, very versatile, seem to wear great. What’s not to like.

– I am hoping some of you that I have sold tires to or that have these will chime in as you use them.