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Thursday, January 1st, 2009

Australian Tyre mark Motoz arrived to Finland last year. First with test set and after that bigger for sale set.

Motoz tyres selection is for Motocross and Enduro. And for very many surface. We tested Motoz tyre on Autumn rainy weather and tested Motoz tyre for soft motocross track.


When you look at Motoz tyres for Enduro and MX, first you see the large blocks on tyre, blocks are soft testing by hands and blocks are on different places as usual and quite many on each tyre.

The Tracula front tyre which we tested is designed to soft sand, mud or other loose surface MX use. It should be also good in different surfaces.

On hard surface and on rocks the wear and lasting is on OK level. Terrapactor rear tyre are working best on soft surfaces as the Tracula front tyre.


The writings on Motoz tyres homepages are not made up stories. Both front and rear tyre are working on soft MX track without any notifications.

Especially the front tyre has got very good grip on the soft MX track and on wet Enduro surface on woods.

The grip on the back tyre is good also, sometimes it felt that the grip was better when the tyre were opposite of the running direction.

Changing of the tyre went without any bad words or smashing any tools.

More than the grip and the feeling of the tyres we were surprised the lasting of the tyre. The edges of tyre blocks stayed sharp very long time and the wear of the tyre block was amazing. The thickness and amount of the tyre blocks might be the reason for long lasting but the quality of the tyre is also very good.

On this test we did not have any splitted or cut off blocks on the tyres.

We wondered that how good this tyre with this thickness of blocks stay clean on sticky mud, but on this test we drive on wet sand and the tyres stayed clean and had good grip.

The prices of the tyres are very good for MX and Enduro drivers, Prices are between 50-80 Euros and tyres for junior bikes are under 50 euros.

+ Plus features : 
Long lasting
Good pricing

– Minus Features : 
High thickness of tyre blocs.


English Translation Hasse Sjolund

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