Motoz Review by Eastern Dirt Magazine

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

eastern-dirt-motocross-magazine_motozreviewRecently we were sent a selection of tires to test from the Australian company, MOTOZ. When they arrived the first thing we noticed about them is how deep the tread blocks are, how large the blocks are and how beefy the tires are. Off the bike they looked like they were going to work well. The sidewalls, benefiting from heavy duty case construction are super stiff. In fact, when we were installing them, they almost felt inflated before we had air in them. Even though the side walls are as stiff as they are, they are very easy to install. At track the tire has great life on hard pack terrain and after its initial break in they seem to stop wearing. The tread blocks stay tall and keep their edges. So far we haven’t chunked any knobs off. And we have 6-7 riding hours on each set.
Motoz manufactures its tires using 100% natural rubber which is something you usually find only in desert tires, not MX. Desert tires need to be made this way because of the demands the high speeds of desert racing place on a tire. On the track the tires provide good, predictable traction in soft sand and loamy dirt thanks to the deep tread blocks yet they don’t break loose on hard slick surfaces. This makes them great multi purpose tires. However, all Motoz tires are built application/ terrain specific and we suggest you get the correct Motoz tire for your most common type of riding for the best performance.
Motoz recommends running higher pressure in their tires than you would normally choose. Something between 14-18 psi. Because of the stiffer sidewalls we found running 8-9 psi in front gave the best handling characteristics with 11 out back. We preferred running the tires slightly under normal pressure, this gave the bike a bike a more predictable feel in the corners. Try the suggested pressure and work your way down until you find your perfect sweet spot. Installing the tires is snap, the only thing to remember is the rotational arrows.
Motoz tires are really good and worth trying We think you will be pleasantly surprised by how well they perform and how long they last, we are.
Go to the motoz website for tire fitment and order tires from Pacific Power Sports (USA).