DIRT RIDER Review – October 2008

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Long-Wearing tires

MOTOZ tires are made from a different makeup of natural rubber than traditional knobbies and with a really tough carcass. Mounting is on the tougher side as the edge of the tire, like on most heavy-duty tires, needs to be forced into the center trough of the rim. They beaded up nicely and de nitely looked a bit different, especially some of the rears with the closed tread patterns with a bit of a trials tire look in some of the designs.
In use the tires de nitely hold up; in fact, the ve sets we’ve mounted up haven’t ever been removed because they haven’t worn signi cantly to warrant it. And this includes 24-hour races, lots of long rides in the desert and plenty of trail riding. For sure they wear as long as, if not longer than, any tires I’ve tried.
There’s an initial wear period (about 100 miles in) where they lose some height, but then they just seem to stop wearing down for a long time. One set I’m keeping close tabs on has well over 1000 miles on it, and at this rate they’ll make 3000. Now onto the traction.
These aren’t rst-rate grip masters, nor did we expect them to be. They grab like a well-worn Dunlop or Bridgestone right from the beginning and stay that way. They seem to like just a little more air in them than the standard 12 psi (more like 14 psi) to keep the carcass from wallowing on the rim, but even when pumped up they provide plenty of bump resistance. If you like to spin and hammer tires, grabbing every ounce of traction you can get, you will suffer with these tires. They have a very consistent amount of bite and give decent feel on how much they are grabbing, but it isn’t an impressive excess of traction, with one really surprising exception: The rear will act similar to a trials tire when hitting dry rocks, grabbing a con dent bite as long as you aren’t spinning the tire excessively. But when it gets wet, watch out! They are just the opposite on the slippery side.
The manufacturer is working on changing up compounds and tread patterns after a year of customer feedback and is looking to make a bigger push here in the United States market. The
durability speaks for itself; you may not need another tire. The only decision you have to make is how much traction you really need. — Jimmy Lewis



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