Tractionator Adventure S

Code Size Use

PositionLoad /
Rim (Inch)
(mm +/-)
Tread Depth
at Centre
TADS 90/90-21 TL DOT ECER75Front54 T2.156959912
TADS 110/80 B 19 TL DOT ECER75Front59 T2.52.1565910912
TADS 130/80-17 TL DOT ECER75Rear65 T364014213.5
TADS 150/70 B 17 TL DOT ECER75Rear69 T4.254.564216615
TADS 140/80-18 TL DOT ECER75Rear70 T3.53.0068115614
TADS 150/70 B 18 TL DOT ECER75Rear70 T4.254.566716615

Designed by off road riders, for off road riders, for serious off road traction. It is technically 25% stronger than many other adventure tyres. Additionally the tread is deeper than most adventure tyres.The compound is formulated to cater for a wide variety of conditions.

The tread of the new TRACTIONATOR Adventure Tyre is unique: blocks that self sharpen for better grip through the life of the tyre and self protect for longer tyre life.
If your tyres have been wearing out faster than you think they should, try these.

Tractionator Adventure Mark 2.

In addition to the original Tractionator Adventure, we developed the Tractionator Adventure Mark 2 to cater for riders who are focussed on off road grip, rather than good mileage.

The Mark2 is ideal for riders going on 5 -7 day rides of mixed no/off road that just want grip off road and some reasonable manners on road, but don’t care if they need to replace the tyre after that.

The Mark 2 has the same proven construction and compound as its Tractionator Adventure brother, but the Mark 2 excels off road without compromises for long wear life (expect around half the wear life compared to Tractionator Adventure if used both on and off road). This heavy duty adventure tyre is purpose built for twin cylinder adventure bikes with 2.15 – 2.5 inch rims and is ideal for long distance off road adventures where dependability is a necessity.

Seen here, keeping the front firmly planted.

Picture – Danny Wilkinson Photography. Nick Selleck (riding speedway on his 1190R).


110/80-19 (59 T), 90/90-21 (54T), 130/80-17 (65T), 150/70-17 (69T), 140/80-18 (70T), 150/70-18 (70T), 90/90-21 MK2 (54T)


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