The Terrapactor MXX (MX Xtreme) competition MX tyre is the most innovative sand scoop tyre available in the market today. This tyre sets a new standard for performance on Sandy/Super Soft Terrain (Sand, soft soil, mud) MX tracks where the ground is loose and traction is at a premium.

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Application – MX
Track Conditions – Sandy/Super Soft Terrain (Sand, soft soil, loose loam, mud)

Built with a super lightweight carcass and featuring an open pattern, the Terrapactor MXX delivers unparalleled performance on sandy, soft soil, and muddy surfaces. Its unique open scoop design incorporates innovative shoulder knobs, specifically engineered to enhance cornering grip on loose tracks. Additionally, the open pattern ensures that your tread stays clean and maintains excellent grip in sandy conditions, thanks to the integration of innovative tread flex zones within the tire’s carcass and knobs.

Experience the pinnacle of sand scoop tire technology with the all-new Terrapactor MXX competition tire, representing Motoz’s first foray into this domain after many years of development. Conquer sandy and super soft terrains with ease, as this tyre pushes the boundaries of innovation and performance to new heights.

Brand new Motoz innovative scoop pattern for improved drive grip and cornering
Brand new super lightweight carcass construction
Reinforced tread blocks on A, B and C blocks provide compliant drive and cornering in the loosest conditions
Reinforced tread blocks provide a stable braking platform in all competition conditions
Awesome traction

Specs & Technical Info

Terrapactor MXX (MX Xtreme)
Code Size Use Type
HomologationLoad /
Recommended Rim (Inch)
ETRTO Standard Overall
(mm +/-)
ETRTO Standard Overall
Tread Depth
at Centre
TPX 90/100-21 TERRAPACTOR NHS SOFT (SAND)TTNHS57 M1.61.857359913Front
TPX 100/90-19 TERRAPACTOR NHS SOFT (SAND)TTNHS57 M1.852.1568511116.75Front
TPX 110/90-19 TERRAPACTOR NHS SOFT (SAND)TTNHS62 M2.152.5070512017Rear
TPX 120/90-19 TERRAPACTOR NHS SOFT (SAND)TTNHS66 M2.152.572512917Rear
TPX 120/80-19 TERRAPACTOR NHS SOFT (SAND)TTNHS63 M2.152.569913117Rear