Trail Talk – TrailZone Feb 2008

Thursday, February 28th, 2008


AUSSIE tyre brand Motoz is justifiable rapt in the performance of their Tractionator tyres in the Australian Safari in WA, after privateer rider Brandon Kenhuis racked up an impressive eight place outright finish on his Husaberg FE650.

Kenhuis was only beaten home by factory-backed riders, and along the way used only three Motoz and four Motoz rear tyres in the grueling nice-day event that saw competitors cover almost the length of WA from top to bottom. In fact, Kenhuis would have gotten through the event on three Motoz rear tyres, had it not been for a mousse blowing – the tyre was okay, and he removed the shagged mousse and rim lock, put the tyre back with no air and rode 60km to finish the day! he used inner tubes from there on, and suffered no punctures.

“At first people were giving us funny looks for using Motoz”, explains Kenhuis’ team manager Paul Roache. “But after a few days they were coming to us to get tyres!”

“Tyre failure was a real problem for many competitors, but we didn’t have that concern with the Motoz Tractionator tyres we ran for the whole event.”