Tractionator’ Adventure and GPS tyres – IDN 2015

Sunday, December 13th, 2015

Following the launch two months ago of their new ‘Arena’ and ‘ Xtreme’ Hybrid tyres comes news of two new street-able off-road tyres from the specialist Australian manufacturer.

Motoz say their ‘Tractionator’ Adventure tyre has been designed “by off-road riders, for off-road riders”, and that up to 25 percent stronger than many other adventure tyres, it delivers “serious off- road traction”.

It is offered in two different compound choices – ‘4- Seasons’ and a ‘Summer’ compound for hot conditions. The tread is designed to self-protect for long mileage and superior off-road cornering.

As its name suggests, the ‘Tractionator’ GPS is an adventure tyre for GPS-equipped riders. Motoz say “long mileage, serious traction and smooth

transition from pavement to gravel to dirt, the GPS does it all, and well”.
It is a reversible tyre to suit all conditions – either 50/50 pavement/off-road, or, fitted the other way round, mostly off-road. In 50/50 direction the GPS is described as a “well behaved street-able tyre with smooth cornering transition from centre to cranked all the way over. In the mostly off-road direction the aggressive straight-line hook-up and cornering drive is engaged”.

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