Motoz ‘Arena’ and ‘Xtreme’ hybrids – IDN 2015

Sunday, June 21st, 2015

Following the release of its ‘Mountain’ hybrid trials inspired off-road tyre in 2014, specialist Australian manufacturer Motoz has added to the programme with their new ‘Xtreme’ and ‘Arena’ hybrids.

The ‘Xtreme’ hybrid features the same R&D DNA as their multi-award winning ‘Mountain’ and the same proven tyre carcass with concave and lock system, reinforced sidewalls and flexible tread zone.

The unique asymmetric tread design, best known for its trials climbing characteristics, is combined with “serious off-road cornering ability and more drive on loose surfaces, mud and sand.”

The reversible ‘Arena’ is a MX/Trials hybrid with reinforced sidewalls and a ‘Terrapactor’ inspired

motocross tread design. Featuring minimised weight, a combination organic/synthetic rubber compound for durability and a super-flexible tread zone, Motoz say this is “the perfect tyre for enduro cross, extreme enduro and technical closed circuit events, creating more traction over technical terrain, artificial and rutted circuits”.

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