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Technical Data

Tractionator Enduro S/T

Code Size Use

PositionLoad /
Rim (Inch)
(mm +/-)
Tread Depth
at Centre
TES 80/100-21 ECER75/DOTFront51 R1.61.856939612
TES 90/100-21 DOTFront57 R1.61.857139612
TES 110/100-18 ECER75/DOTRear64 R2.1567713017
TES 120/90-18 ECER75/DOTRear65 R2.152.567713917
TES 130/90-18 ECER75/DOTRear69 R2.152.569114017
TES 110/90-19 ECER75/DOTRear62 R2.152.568113517
TES 100/90-19 NHSRear57 M2.1568312416
TES 90/90-21 FIM ECER75/DOTFront54 R1.61.856959612
TES 120/80-18 FIM ECER75/DOTRear65 R2.152.566513213
TES 140/80-18 FIM ECER75/DOTRear70 R2.152.5/3.0068114213

TRACTIONATOR ® ENDURO S/T – the right choice for maximum traction in mud and extreme conditions.

50% Dry – 50% Wet; 30% Hard – 70% Soft

The MOTOZ Tractionator Enduro S/T (soft terrain) Tyre has been designed to give aggressive traction in soft terrain with longer wear than regular soft terrain tyres. It features a MX grip with Enduro strength and wear. Designed for riders who want the grip of an MX tyre and a tough carcass for off road with better resistance to punctures and pinch flats. Excellent for all weather in soft/varied applications.

The hybrid Natural/Synthetic compound is unique in its ability to give long wear in a soft terrain tyre, but good on road grip. MOTOZ Tractionator Enduro S/T tyre is of course also DOT and ECER75 Homologated* (some sizes also FIM homologated).

*only size 100/90-19 is NHS = Not for Highway Service


Tractionator-Enduro-ST-detailRiders can reverse rear direction when partially worn for extra grip and longer wear. The tread design gives rider choice for slightly better grip in their local conditions – whether mostly wet (mud), or mostly dry (loam and sand). The difference in handling can be as much as 10-15% depending on conditions. In varied or mixed conditions, best traction is achieved when new tyre is mounted in wet rotation, and changed to dry rotation half way through tyre life. Changing rotation isn’t essential, but appeals to budget conscious riders who seek maximum wear life.


80/100-21, 90/100-21, 110/100-18, 120/90-18, 130/90-18, 110/90-19, 90/90-21 FIM, 120/90-18 FIM, 140/80-18 FIM, 100/90-19 NHS


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